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Selecting the Right Plow, Right Truck for Snow Removal

Snow removal business in your 2017 plans? Your first considerations should be what kind of snow plowing customers will you serve, and what kind of vehicle will you use?

It sounds extremely simple, but it’s not always easy or obvious to make sure you have the right plow for the job and the right vehicle for your plow. If you have questions, we invite you to stop in and talk with our experienced staff members. We work with hundreds of Cleveland-area snow removal professionals, and we are happy to help our customers get the equipment and tips they need to start and grow their businesses.

Smaller Trucks Can Handle Plows!

Picking the right plow for your vehicle is essential. Smaller trucks such as half-ton pickups, a Toyota Tacoma, F150, Ford Ranger or Jeep Wrangler can do a lot of driveways and small city lots.

Picking the right plow for the snow removal jobs you’ll be doing is equally important. When doing city snow plowing, bigger is not necessarily better.

If your work will primarily consist of residential driveways and small city retail business lots or you will want to have a 6’8” or 7-1/2’ plow.

Why? Think about your turn radius and the width of a typical city driveway. If you’d like to get referrals, you can’t afford to tear up the grass on your customer’s property!

Better Snow Plow Handling with Small Trucks

Smaller trucks have a softer suspension – and you may need to support your front end suspension with some leveling, airbags, or other suspension parts to support your plow and winter income. We carry and install Timbren’s quality-made suspension upgrades and parts to enhance the safety and vehicle handling that snowplow drivers need.

Small plowing jobs can be lucrative, and smaller jobs are where the typical new snow removal business gets its start. When you’re quoting larger snow removal jobs, it’s time to look at bigger plows and bigger vehicles.

Bigger Jobs Need Bigger Plows (and Bigger Vehicles)

Plowing longer, wide residential driveways and large strip mall parking lots calls for larger plows – typically 7’ to 10’ wide. Commercial snow plowing typically moves more snow at a faster rate. (Consider the length of the typical large retail parking lot vs. a small convenience store – you have a lot more runway at a Sam’s Club or Wal*Mart parking lot than you do at a quick mart!)

The extra speed and weight of the extra amounts of snow make for an extra heavy load on your plow and your vehicle.

Larger Blades for Larger Snow Removal Jobs

Commercial snowplows are completely different from residential plows. To handle the extra weight and speed of large snow removal jobs, you will need a larger truck. The most common commercial snow plows range from 7-1/2’ to 10’ wide and come in both V- and straight blade styles.

How do you know if you need a V- or Straight Blade? It will depend on your snow removal customers and how they want you to handle the snow. A V-blade makes it easier to scoop (use V- in reverse) and a straight blade is what you want to push the snow.

Starting or Expanding Snow Removal Business in Cleveland?

JTI has commercial and residential snowplow blades in stock, now. Financing is available. Call 440.232.4311 or stop in to discuss your options and your business plans.

JTI, Cleveland trailer experts

JTI Services snowplows, all makes and models. Pre-season tune-up special: $150 – bring your plow in or call for details now, before you need your plow!

JTIinc.com       440.232.4311

Boat on the water

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Boat Trailer End-of-Season Maintenance

In Cleveland, September is still boating season! But, we all know the end is near. While you may want to take your boat out another time or two, you need to consider what the season has done to your boat trailer – and especially, its bearings. Take care of the bearings before you put your boat away for the season, and you can look forward to taking it out again on the first nice weekend next spring.

Before You Store Your Boat Trailer

When boating season ends, it’s time to clean and repack the bearings with fresh grease and replace the seals on your trailer!

Not excited about that? We understand – it’s not a glamorous job, but it’s important to clean and repack the bearings before you put the boat away for the winter. There is a good chance that moisture has entered your hubs, regardless the type of bearing protectors used. Doing it now is the best way to avoid additional cost in the future. (And let’s face it – that first warm weekend in the spring, you want your trailer ready to roll – right?!)

Moisture: How Bearings Go Bad in the Winter

If you fail to clean and repack the bearings before storing your boat for the winter in a climate like ours here on the North Coast, any remaining moisture in the bearings will freeze and thaw, causing corrosion and pitting in the bearings. Bearings in this condition will heat up with use, cause the grease to breakdown and result in bearing failure.

A catastrophic bearing failure can result in a damaged hub.

Or worse, a ruined axle.

Or much worse – a blown tire resulting in property loss or even the loss of life.

Cleaning and repacking the bearings on your boat trailer is no fun, but it’s gotta get done. Do it now or make an appointment to have it done by the professional staff at JTI Inc. It’s not a glamorous job, but one we’re happy to do. Stop in with your trailer today!

JTI, Cleveland trailer expertsKeep your boat trailer in good shape so you can enjoy more time on the water – this season and next. See JTI for the parts you need, or bring your boat trailer in so we handle bearing clean and repack and other maintenance for you.  JTIinc.com   440.232.4311

carhauler trailer

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Right Trailer for the Job

We’ve talked about specialty trailers, from carhaulers to dump trailers and goosenecks to the coolest personal watercraft trailers. But it’s not our goal to move any particular piece of our trailer inventory – our goal is to make sure each of our customers has the best trailer to handle the job.


Determining What Typeof Trailer Fits Your Needs

What our sales and customer service team knows about hauling is mind-boggling. But the first thing we do when a customer walks in (or calls)  is ask questions.

  • What do you need the trailer for?
  • What kind of tow vehicle will you use?
  • What kind of hitch?
  • How often will you be using the trailer? and where?
  • Ever had a trailer before?

All of these things – and more – affect how we steer the rest of your visit, and the recommendations we make. From considering the trailer’s construction to the type of tires, lights, braking system (or lack thereof) and suspension to helping you select accessories to make it even more useful, that’s what we do – we help you find the right trailer for the job.

Once you’ve got the right trailer, you can customize it to make it even better. See how RTA created the perfect mobile office, with exactly what they needed, inside and out

Our Trailer Knowledge Eclipses All the Others


In case you missed the 2017 eclipse, don’t worry – you can see a Supernova here, today. <haha, trailer humor>

But seriously, folks, the Supernova is an enclosed trailer made by Steelhead, in stock now. And like almost all of our trailers, they’re made in the USA. 

Whether you need a carhauler, boat trailer, cargo, construction, or enclosed landscape trailer – we’ve got what you need. Tell us why you need to buy or rent trailer, and we’ll make sure you get the right trailer for right job.

JTI, Cleveland trailer expertsFor over 80 years, people who depend on their trailers depend on JTI. Stop in today, or any Monday – Saturday, or give us a call at 440.232.4311. 

Gooseneck Trailer front pin

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Will a Gooseneck Trailer Work for You?

Gooseneck trailers have some definite advantages over both bumper-pull and 5th-wheel trailers. But of course, the best type of trailer to have is the one you need. Let’s consider whether a gooseneck trailer might be a good choice for you.

Gooseneck Trailer front pinGenerally, the advantages of Gooseneck trailers are that they are safer and stronger than bumper pull trailers. Thanks to the gooseneck design, they have a tighter turn ratio and a smoother, more stable ride (less sway). Of course, their design and intended use means it’s critical that your towing vehicle and hitch are up to the job, too.

Gooseneck Trailers: Tongue Weight and Serious Towing Strength

A bumper pull trailer usually has around a 2K tongue weight; a gooseneck typically provides more than twice that strength, with tongue weights in the 5-6K range.

It’s common for people who haven’t towed a lot to confuse gooseneck and 5th-wheel trailers. Here’s the basic thing you need to know: a gooseneck trailer slides over a ball hitch installed (even temporarily) in the bed of a pickup truck, while a 5th-wheel trailer must attach to a hinged plate hitch – almost exactly the same as semi-truck trailers use.

When you need serious strength, a gooseneck adapter king pin can turn it into a true towing beast, with up to 26K tongue weight.

Econoline Gooseneck Trailer

Call to learn more about towing with a Gooseneck trailer: 440.232. 4311

Bumper Pull Trailers: Pros and Cons

Bumper Pull Trailers are popular with recreational trailer users – not there’s anything wrong with hauling your boat to Lake Erie or pulling your camper out of Cleveland occasionally! And of course, bumper pull trailers can handle large loads and specialty jobs. We work with countless landscapers, construction professionals and general contractors who rely on their bumper-pull flatbed and dump trailers, as well as large open and enclosed trailers.

It’s precisely because of the many forces and demands on bumpers and hitches that we ask so many questions of our customers. Generally speaking, bumper pull trailers will handle lighter loads than goosenecks, and they are easier to manage – especially for drivers who don’t haul trailers on a regular basis. But, it’s important to know that there are just as many safety issues with bumper pull trailers as there are with Goosenecks and 5th wheels.

Econoline Gooseneck Trailer

Bumper Pull Trailers are by far the most common of all trailers on the road, and the majority of what we work with at JTI – but we also have experience with gooseneck trailers and making sure our customers have what they need to do the job, safely. Questions? We’d love to hear from you.

JTI, Cleveland trailer expertsPlease come to us with your trailer and towing questions. We know trailers, are good at what we do, and love to help our customers make their work – especially towing – easier and better. Stop in or call: 440.232.4311

Two Jet Skis on Trailer

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Coolest Jet Ski Trailer Ever

If you have a Jet Ski or other personal watercraft, and think you’re cool, well, you’re right. But you probably don’t have the coolest transportation for it.

Good news: we do. JTI is pleased to be the ONLY Tw-N-One dealer in the US.

Two Jet Skis on Trailer

Smart on the road, stows in a tiny spot.

Why You’ll Love the Tw-N-One

It’s not just good-looking, it’s smart. The Tw-N-One trailer has a unique design, and not only can it transport your Jet Ski in style, you only need 4′ of storage space to stow it!

Got a narrow driveway or a spot that’s “too small” to store a trailer? That’s no longer a problem. Tw-N-One gives you a number of innovative options for easier loading and unloading, solid and reliable transport (of one or two PWCs) and smarter storage (in a small place).

Tw-N-One owners say that the fact that it’s so easy to detach, load, and unload means they have more time to have fun on the water – and less to worry about when transporting their PWCs or 4 Wheelers. And of course, being able to store the boats and trailer in their own garage (plus a car!) saves money on annual storage fees.

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Here’s what Tw-N-One owners have to say:2-1-1


Of course, we’d love to talk to you about how you get the most use out of your four wheelers, jet skis, and other PWCs. If you’ve been making do with a less-than-ideal trailer for your snowmobile or watercraft, now may be a good time to upgrade your trailer to prevent damage to your toys.

Life is short! Take your fun seriously!

At JTI, we’ve worked on virtually every hitch and trailer make and model that rolls in Cleveland – and beyond. We’re here Monday-Saturday to serve the hard-working, fun-loving people who rely on their trailers – and hitches. Stop in or call us:  440.232.4311

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Loading a Motorcycle in a Trailer

Wow, it’s been a busy spring and summer. Hope you’re having fun! We’ve spent some good times at Quaker Steak & Lube locations hosting Bike Nights in the past couple of months, talking to NE Ohio dirt bike, motocross, streetbike, chopper owners and motorheads, and we’ve been giving out a lot of advice. (And a few prizes.)

Before Loading Your Motorcycle in a Trailer

Some of these tips fall under the “well-duh” category, but they’re still  worth mentioning!

  • ALWAYS load when the trailer is hooked up!
  • Check for weight balance BEFORE loading your bike (or anything)
  • If you’re loading in an enclosed trailer, check door height before loading your bike!
  • PUT YOUR KICKSTAND UP AFTER LOADING, unless you’d like a hole in the trailer floor. (No kidding. We see these kind of things in for trailer repair all the time. File under, Don’t Be That Guy!)
  • CHECK FOR GREASE on the trailer floor. Missing a slick spot = unhappy surprise landings and unscheduled repairs – to you, your bike and your trailer.
  • Check air pressure and lug nuts and make sure your coupler and ball match.

Securing Your Motorcycle in a Trailer

The first most important thing to have, if at all possible, is someone to help you! You can load a motorcycle into a trailer by yourself, but it’s much better – for you, your bike, and your trailer – if you do it with someone else.

Basically, we recommend a four-point tie-down system, and one that does not compress the suspension too much.  (A lot depends on your bike, your trailer, and how you’re tying it down – call us if you’d like a demonstration: 440.232.4311)

Improper loading can result in broken springs, broken brackets, snapped cables on doors, and worse. (Good news – we can fix just about anything on a motorcycle trailer. Bad news – it usually means you’ll miss some good riding.)

A couple of good videos can be found online, and of course, you can always contact us, the trailer and hitch (and motorcycle-loading) experts, at JTI440.232.4311

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 3.09.03 PM

We’ll be at Quaker Steak & Lube in Valley View for Bike Night on July 19 and August 2 and at the Sheffield location for Bike Night on July 27 and August 17. Stop by, say hi, and enter to win some cool and helpful accessories for your bike. 

Did you know we have a couple of motorcycle trailers for rent? 

Sure do! Call to reserve – they’re often booked well in advance: 440.232.4311

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New Plow? Old Plow? We Know Cleveland Snow Plows

Cleveland snow, and Cleveland weather in general, for that matter, is as unique as the rest of our beloved town. Northeast Ohio’s special blend of snow, wind, lake effect, salt (OH, the SALT!) and dizzying changes in temperature and humidity is hard on machinery. To say nothing of the operator…

Snow Plow Maintenance jti-meyer-warranty-card

While we are a Meyer’s Diamond Distributor and proudly sell Cleveland’s own Meyer Products, we take care of plows, blades and attachments of all makes and models. Our experienced techs know when it snows, you have to uphold your end of those snowplowing contracts. When something isn’t right with your plow, we can help you get back to work, fast.

Snow Plow Accessories

When your lights aren’t working, you probably have to keep working — but you need to get your lights fixed, fast. We’ve worked through more than 80 Cleveland winters, and keeping our customers and their equipment in working order has always been our goal.

For the accessories you need, from gloves and lights to batteries and sunglasses – and a magical formula known as Fluid Film – people who depend on their plows depend on JTI.

JTI, Cleveland trailer experts We’re open 6 days a week, just off I-271 at the Forbes/Broadway exit. Our goal is to keep our customers rolling. Need a new snow plow blade, general maintenance, hard-working accessories or some knowledgable advice? Stop in or call 440.232.4311.



JTI, Cleveland trailer experts

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Hitched Up and Ready to Roll in Cleveland 2016-2017

So another year is rolling by. We serviced and sold a lot of trailers, but that’s been true for 80+ years. What’s new?

In the trailer and hitch business, what’s new is technology. Automotive technology has become so familiar we find that our mechanical skills are even more rare than they were 5 years ago. As of today, trailers don’t come with indicator lights telling you your tire pressure is low or your battery’s about to die – but that may not be too far off in the future.

At this year’s NATDA show, trailer technology was on full display. While we have been in the business for more than 80 years, we don’t “just’ rely on our experience. We are constantly incorporating new techniques in our shop, keeping our technicians on their toes with training and new tools, and always working with our vendors to give our customers the best value for their money.

We know a trailer is an investment in your business – and it’s our business to keep you rolling!

Old Trailer? New Trailer? Ohio, We Can Fix That

Locally, we’re finding more of our customers want to customize their trailers to fit their needs and work even harder for them and their businesses. Whether you need to reinforce your ramp door or customize an enclosed trailer to meet your specifications, give us a call. We’ve #beenthere and #donethat as they say on Twitter.

Cleveland Predictions for 2017?

We’ll go out on a limb and say we might have predicted 2016’s Cavaliers would win the NBA Championship. We could say we knew how excited we’d be, but frankly, it was even better than we’d thought it would be. That Tribe/White Sox series was AMAZING and gave a whole new meaning to “wait til next year!”

(If there’s one thing Terry Francona knows about, it’s teamwork.)

Cleveland Browns Still Make Us Wonder

Cleveland Browns: Always something to talk about

We’re not ready to do any fortune-telling regarding the Browns…

What About Snow in Cleveland this Year?

We can absolutely, positively promise you, we’re going to get some snow! How much no one knows but all sources say it’ll be a lot more than last season. What we can promise: we’ll be here, six days a week, working on all makes and models of plows.

Trailer, hitch and road-tested tips on Twitter

What was new in your business in 2016? We’re incorporating more technology to serve our customers better.

Looking for predictions for Cleveland business in 2017? We really can’t claim to be fortune tellers.

Need trailer and hitch experts? That’s us. Give us a call at 440.232.4311 or contact us at JTIinc.com.

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Cleveland Snowfall 2016-2017

“Last year we were lulled by a strong El Nino,” News 5 Cleveland’s Mark Johnson reminds us. This year, it’s a different story.

Cleveland temperatures are expected to be much lower this winter, and snowfall is expected to be “near to slightly above normal.”

“Get the hat and gloves ready!” Johnson suggests.

Get your plows serviced, we suggest.

Make a service appointment now. 

Snowplow Maintenance in Cleveland

JTI sells the Meyer line of plows, salt spreaders, tailgates and walk behinds, in addition to Meyer genuine parts.

Meyer LotPro snowplow

LotPro LD for half-ton truck or SUV

We’re proud to be a Meyer partner and full-service dealer, and have been for years. But many of our customers have several plows, from different manufacturers. JTI services them all.

At JTI, we work with hundreds of grounds crews, landscapers and maintenance companies throughout Northeast Ohio. Their clients depend on them to clear their lots, keep their walkways safe – and many municipalities rely on us to keep their city snow plow fleets in good working order.

Snowplow Operators Need Tough Accessories, Too

accessories for snow plow operators

Quality accessories = greater safety for plow operators.

Gloves. Batteries. Lights. Fluid film. Your plow isn’t the only thing you depend on to get your snow removal jobs done.

People rely on you and your crew all winter. You can rely on JTI to keep their equipment in good shape and your drivers safe on the road.

If you need tough gloves, safety glasses to beat the glare, fluid film to keep your plow in shape, lights, or any other accessory to make snowplowing in Cleveland safer and easier – we’ve probably got it.

If you want to find genuine Meyer parts, a new snowplow, or people who have worked on virtually every make and model of plow that clears Cleveland’s streets, get in touch with our crew at JTI today. We’re here Monday-Saturday to serve Cleveland’s snow removal teams: 440.232.4311