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Snowplow Q&A – Cleveland Snow Removal Business Questions 101

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Meyer is our Cleveland snow plow supplier

JTI is an authorized Meyer snow plow dealer, and we’re happy to help Cleveland area snow removal business owners make the most of winter.

This time of year, we field a lot of questions about snowplows, blades, repairs, salt spreaders, and the snow removal business. Hey, that’s a day in the life of a Cleveland trailer and hitch (and snowplow) business.

Below, we’ve excerpted pieces of a very helpful FAQ list published by Cleveland’s own Meyer Products. Got other questions?  Looking for a salt spreader or some local trailer and hitch experts?  That’s what we’re here for – visit us or call 440.232.4311.

Choosing The Right Plow

How do I know if my vehicle is recommended for a snow plowing application?
Only vehicles that have the vehicle manufacturer’s snow plow prep package are recommended for snow plowing. GM uses the “VYU” option code. Ford uses the “86M” option code. Dodge uses the “AHH” or “AHD” option code. Plowing without the original Snow Plow Preparation Package may damage your vehicle, and the added weight to the equipment may impair the operation and control of the vehicle . Plowing with a vehicle that the manufacturer does not recommend for that purpose may void your new vehicle warranty. If your vehicle is not originally equipped with the Snow Plow Package, additional parts may be necessary before snow plowing. Owners of these vehicles should consult their dealers before purchase or installation of such parts. CAUTION: the installation, on any vehicle, of these parts is not a full substitute for the original equipment Snow Plow Preparation Package.

How do I select a plow best suited for my truck?
Downsized vehicles will use the TM, TMP or DP series snow plows. Examples of these vehicles include the Wrangler, Tacoma, Colorado/Canyon, Ranger, etc… 1/2 ton vehicles will use either the STL, ST, STP, DP or DPP series plows. These plows are for non-commercial/personal use only. 3/4 and 1 ton vehicles, or vehicles up to 17000 GVW, will use the C,CP, LP,LPP or AG series commercial snow plows. Vehicles 17000 to 27,000 GVW will use the HM or HMP heavy municipal series plows. Vehicles 27,000 to 33,000 GVW will use the RP series plows. Note: Meyer has a specific snow plow selector that is based on your exact truck model. Click here to search the plow or plows Meyer recommends.

Snow Plow Blades and Mountings

Will the mount from my old truck fit onto my new truck?
Mountings are designed specifically for a particular vehicle. Dodge, Ford and GM vehicles all have different frames. Each vehicle manufacturer may use the same frame for a number of years. You will need to use our EZ-Transfer tool.

Why is my cutting edge wearing unevenly?
The plow does not sit flat on the ground when fully angled. This will occur when the clevis height on the vehicle is not correct. The A-frame which connects from the plow to the vehicle must be level with the ground while the plow is sitting on the ground.

More Snow Removal Business Tips

Meyer’s FAQ list includes more information about the company’s product warranty, and why it’s important to work with an Authorized Meyer Distributor. At JTI, our experts are on hand Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm and Saturday from 8am to 2pm.  Since 1935, we’ve been Cleveland’s trailer experts, and we know a thing or two about snowplows and Cleveland winters too.  Contact us; we’re here to help.

We also have a large selection of Edge Eyewear, Youngstown Gloves, and accessories, supplies and tools our customers need – in all kinds of weather. #Staywarm, Cleveland. Spring is coming!
JTI, Cleveland trailer expertsWinter isn’t a piece of cake in Cleveland.  It’s a piece of ice, snow, sunglare, freezing rain and busy roads with a cherry on top.  People who rely on their trailers (and snow removal equipment) rely on JTI.  Call us at 440.232.4311 or stop in to our Oakwood Village showroom, just off I-271 between Bedford and Northfield Village. _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Author: JTI Trailer & Hitch Experts

JTI is John's Trailers Inc., Cleveland's trailer experts since 1935. Our blog offers trailering tips, service, maintenance, and advice regarding trailers, hitches, and all related equipment (including snow plows).

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